The Moirai

The Moirai were the daughters of Nyx or night, but it is also said that they are the children of Zeus, the King of the Gods, and also the God of the Sky, and Themis, the Goddess of Justice.

The Fates had the power over every being. The Roman poet Virgil, Stressed that even the King of the Gods had to accept the decisions of The Moirai. Hesiod called the Fates, Clotho, (“the spinner”), Lachesis (“the allotter”), and Atropos (“the unavoidable”).

The name Clotho, with the reference to spinning thread, thus created the basis of the images for the Fates, as controlling the thread of each person’s life.

Clotho spun the thread.

Lachesis measured it out.

Atropos cut it with a pair of shears to end the life span.

The Romans  called The Fates Parcae, “those who bring forth the child”; their names were Nona, Decuma, and Morta. They were originally the goddesses of childbirth, however the Romans adopted the Greek  concept of the three weavers of Fate and added a third goddess to complete the triad, which means a group of three.

A triad of goddesses linked with human destiny appears in various forms of mythology, in addition to, the Moirai. The Greeks  recognized a triad of goddesses called The Horae  who were associated with the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Their names were Eunomia (Order), Dike (Destiny), and Irene (Peace)

The Norse  called their three Fates, The Norns Urth, the past; Verthandi, the present; and Skuld, the future. Sometimes referred to as the Weird Sisters from the Norse word “wyrd”, meaning “fate.”

The Celts  had a triad of war goddesses, collectively known as the Morrigan, who determined the fate of soldiers in battle.

The image of a triple goddess may be linked to a very ancient worship of a moon goddess in three forms: a maiden (the new moon), a mature women (the full moon), and a crone (the old moon).

                                                                   Triple  goddess symbol                                                                                                            Image result for moon goddess in three forms symbol

                                                         The Moirai

Image result for the moirai percy jackson


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