Legend Of The Mer By Sheri L. Swift Book Review

Lana Prentis is 17 years old and has some unusual physical challenges: she has white hair, silver eyes, milky-white skin and webbed fingers and toes.    She lives on Safe Harbor Island off the Coast of North Carolina. Her father (Cole Prentis) is the lighthouse keeper and also the keeper of many secrets. He told Lana her mother drowned when Lana was only three years old, and he never allows her in the water.

My favorite character was Lana because she’s very curious and she wants to know what really happened to her mother and what her heritage, that she got from her mother is. There were certain scenes that made me laugh because it was so awkward it just made you want to laugh.   There wasn’t really anything that I didn’t like about the book.

I would suggest readers that like teen books and like fantasy and being apart of a family  And I would rate this book a rating of four stars.




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